Subproject 2 - Pre-Conflict Decision Tools for Legal Practitioners

Start - 2018 | End 2024 Duration - 6 years

The objective of this Subproject is to analyze the contribution of algorithmic tools capable of predicting the probable outcome of a trial. The first step towards making them useful tools for practitioners is to understand how they work and thus justify their reliability.

Sub-project chief 
Kevin Ashley

Research activities 

Case studies 

The JusticeBot project (Procezeus). This chatbot project is originally aimed at non-attorneys. The researchers intend to develop a rule-tree for the domain, which more naturally would be aimed at attorneys.

This case study bridges Subprojects 1 and 2.

The Case summarization project. A machine learning algorithm will be trained to generate summaries based on a unique training set constituted of pairs of full case reports and summaries prepared by expert humans.







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