Subproject 8 - Tools for Self-Represented Litigants

Start – 2018 | End – 2024 Duration – 6 years

The phenomenon of self-representation creates a risk of congestion in the courts for cases that are inadmissible, have low stakes, or are unlikely to succeed. In order to overcome these difficulties, many tools are being developed in the field of citizens' self-representation and must therefore be evaluated in terms of their effectiveness, relevance and satisfaction rates of the target audience.

Research activities


Case studies

Two case studies will be conducted.



An inventory of tools will be produced and maintained.

"Results will be disseminated in the ways indicated below:

  • Tools (Guide,  flagsheet, inventories) will be produced with a view to facilitating the work of entities wishing to assist self-represented litigants." (Milestone Report).



Fabien Gelinas

Lyne Da sylva

Meredith rossner








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