Subproject 5 - Pilot Project with the Office de la protection du consommateur du Québec (OPC)

Start – 2018 | End – 2021 Duration – 3 years

Since the fall of 2016, the Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) support platform developed by the Cyberjustice Laboratory (PARLe), has been providing consumers and merchants in Québec with a fast and free service to resolve their disputes.   Important lessons need to be learned from this experience in order to understand the factors determining the rate of out-of-court settlements of disputes and to analyse the data from the perspective of the consumer, the merchant, the mediator, the Laboratory registry and the Consumer Protection Office of Québec.

Research activities

Case study

The case study will assess empirically PARLe  ODR platform’s potential to provide users with a sense of access to justice. This platform is currently being used at the Office de la protection du  consommateur (OPC)  du Québec.



The first inventory includes an overview of ODR platformsworldwide and an analysis of their potential for users in terms of  knowledge capacity building and predictability capacity building.

The second inventory is an overview and analysis of empirical studies on ODR worldwide.

The third inventory lists frameworks, empirical studies and measurement tools on access to justice metrics worldwide.


Best Practice Guide

The working group will put together a best practices guide that explores the potentialities of ODR platforms technologies in helping users access legal information, assess dispute resolution options and predict outcomes based on precedents and court decisions. The guide will also recommend ODR procedures based on empirical study findings and promising technological options in the current ODR market to provide access to justice from a user-centric perspective.


Governance Framework

The previous research activities will result in the creation of a framework model to design optimal ODR platform with the aim to provide access to justice from a user-centric perspective, maximize their interest and build their capacity to deal with disputes fairly and efficiently.



Jean-François ROberge


Karim Benyekhlef


Harold Épineuse






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