Subproject 6 - Pilot Project with the Condominium Authority Tribunal (CAT)

Start – 2019 | End – 2022 Duration – 3 years

The Condominium Authority Tribunal (CAT) launched an online dispute resolution platform for condominium disputes in November 2017. A Canadian first, this 100% virtual forum provides negotiation, mediation and adjudication services without any physical courtroom. It will be necessary to take stock of this experience, the aim of which is to reduce the costs of justice and increase its accessibility to as many people as possible.

Research activities

Case studies

There will be two case studies, one on the CAT in Ontario, and the other on the Civil Resolution Tribunal in British-Columbia.



No inventory work is expected to be done directly by Subproject 6 researchers. Instead, the Subproject builds  on the work already done by  Subproject 1, Subproject 2, and  Subproject 5.


Best Practices Guide

Building on the work done in Subproject 5,  recommend the Artificial Intelligence components that could be incorporated into Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) Platforms to help participants make more informed decisions throughout the ODR process.


Governance Framework

Create a framework model to design optimal Self-Help tools that can be incorporated within ODR platforms to help all participants make more informed decisions throughout the ODR process







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