Subproject 3 - Decision Support Tools For Tax, Administrative Authorities and Police

Start – 2018 | End – 2024 Duration – 6 ans

The specificity of prosecuting authorities is linked to the public interest at stake in their decision to take legal action. It is important for them to analyse all the data relating to their scope of intervention in a more global way in order to target the most effective and dissuasive behaviours.

Sub-project chief 
Tom van Engers

Research activities

Case study

In the first year of the project, a thorough analysis of one of the identified flagship projects, INDIGO, is planned. This project is currently conducted by the Dutch Immigration Service.



The Subproject aims to constitute an inventory of common practices, and state of the art technologies of decision tools that are used, or under development, by legal authorities. A particular focus will be on how automated decision support impacts the subjects the decisions are about, and their willingness to accept those decisions.

The second inventory will list examples of conflict preventing best-practices in legal organizations.





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